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What is a Worldview?

Do you really Believe that what you believe is really real?  We are doing a good job contacting, educating, registering, and encouraging Christians to vote.  But what will make them passionate about it?  What will make them "crawl over broken glass" to engage the culture, not only in political matters, but matters of the heart?

The answer to that question is Biblical Truth; a deep understanding of God, Man, our relationship and His mandate over our lives.

In 2009 the Barna Group did a follow up survey on "worldview".  They determined that only 9% of Americans had a Biblical worldview.  Only 19% of the subgroup labeled "Born Again, or Evangelicals" had a Biblical worldview.   Only 46% of those born again believers stated they believed in absolute moral truth.

The question is, does it matter?  The research found that peoples' views on morally acceptable behavior are deeply impacted by their worldview.  Upon comparing the perspectives of those who have a Biblical worldview and those who do not, the former group was;

  • 31 times less likely to accept cohabitation
  • 18 times less likely to endorse drunkenness
  • 15 times less likely to condone same sex relationships
  • 12 times less likely to accept profanity
  • 11 times less likely to describe adultery as morally acceptable
And the list goes on.  So does it matter?  Absolutely!  People with a Biblical worldview are less likely to be fooled by the things of the world and are more likely to share   the Truth of the Gospel with the culture around them.
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