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Transforming Florida through Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Clash of World Views


You can see by watching this video that there is a definitive difference in Washington regarding the role of government.  This difference is defined by each individual's world view.  

We believe that
more people would do something if they just knew what to do. We have also come to know that even those looked to for leadership may be unsure of how to handle effective political action. They run the risk of becoming more about education, than action. That is why our local church liaison program is vital.

The 2012 election ended with thousands of volunteers mobilized and ready to stay in engaged. The number one question asked by volunteers on the morning after the election was, "what's next?" In answer to that question we are engaging these volunteers in continuing local issues and elections. We participate in voter registration, issue surveys, and organizing our neighborhoods.

Our Citizen Action seminars include more localized training, such as; when county boards meet; when school boards meet, and  where this information can be found.  

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