Transforming Florida

We're not having much of an impact on the culture around us.

That has to change...
First we must be awakened.
And That comes from God and the Spirit of Truth.

Join Us as we pursue God's Truth and Transformation together,
to see God's people Healthy and vibrant once again.

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The Sentence That Changed My Life

Do you REALLY believe that what you believe is really real?

In 2010 my husband and I went to visit a friend out of town. While there I was introduced to just a few videos of the Truth Project.  Every word rang true to me and I committed myself to find out more about this project.
I could see that the “church”, that I, wasn’t  really living as if I REALLY believed that what I believed was really real.  I researched the Truth Project and the underlying Barna study on Christians that hold a Biblical Worldview.       READ MORE

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